Wednesday, 14 September 2011


The bottle that I designed for the Aboslut Vodka Visions project in Dublin. The main black and white  image is by dreamy sexpot photographer Mel Bles that we did together for Dazed ages ago and then i sat on the floor and cut stuff out for hours....meticulously working my way around ponies legs and animal fur and human hair and fingers (very tricky) to create the nostalgia collage including legends such as Marky Mark of new kids on the block fame in the Calvin Klein ads, then Baywatch where the women were  women and the men were actually also women, Eminem three times cos i love him, lil wayne three times cos i love him too, meerkats, punguins, pugs, Nancy Regan sitting on Mr.T's knee, ALF and some 'Saved by the bell' thrown in for good measure and then the finale of stars cut out of photocopied old porno playing cards consisting of some subtle tit and muff action.

All thanks to Bren and Richard at Small Print who curated the whole thing and were our dad's for the time that we resided in Dublin, they got us everything we needed from pritt stick to pizza to Sambuca. One of the lads on the trip Chaz of the grafitti duo 'The London Police' wrote a brilliant email with a synopsis on each person who took part, ... my favourite was about Bren....this is so good!

'And last but not least big cuddly Bren. If i caught you in bed with my sister i'd fucking tuck you in son!'

What a week and what a totally amazing thing to have been involved in, i loved every minute of it...the last thing i remember doing was a majorette routine with someone's crutch at Fallons pub near Francis street and it getting confiscated by the barman. Good Times.

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Cynthia Bifolchi said...

Celestine, the finished bottle looks ace! Hope you enjoyed the article, thanks again I really enjoyed interviewing you, Cynthia.